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Dear Le Monde Families:

Here are some resources to support your student’s intellectual curiosity during the school’s official closure period.  I have compiled these from many sources; I’m hoping I have credited them all appropriately, but for some I don’t have the original author information.  Please note that neither I nor the school specifically control nor endorse the content in these resource links; I have simply compiled them for your convenience and ease of access.

My personal recommendation during this time of unprecedented and world-wide uncertainty is to focus on your student’s emotional well-being.   For most students that will mean sticking to some sort of daily and expected routine, but for some it may mean abandoning all expectations.   When in doubt, encourage reading, creative exploration of your student’s choosing, daily physical activity, and working toward helping the community in some way.

Reading:  In terms of academics, please encourage your student to read, whether that means reading aloud to them, having them read aloud to you, or having them do silent reading.  Any reading, and in any language that they choose.  You can support your student by helping to find reading options, whether that is lower grade readers, novels, comic books, nonfiction, or magazines.  You will find many online options in English and in French in the attached links.

Creative Exploration:  Whatever your student likes, encourage them to take some time each day to pursue it.  Art, music, crafting, science projects, cooking, architecture, Pokemon—consider carving out some time each day to just let your student do their thing.  If you can do it as a family it will likely be that much more rewarding.  It doesn’t have to be Instagram-worthy.

Daily physical activity (preferably outdoors):  Whether following one of the online movement programs suggested in the attached links, or better yet going out for a jog, bike ride, or game of tag outside in the yard, get your student moving for at least an hour a day.  More is better.  Socially distant and outside is ideal.  Turning off access to phones/computers/tablets for parts of the day can do wonders in this regard.  So can running away from your student with their phone/computer/tablet so that they are forced to take chase.

Work toward helping the community in some way:  I will be working with teachers to suggest options, but think about if there is anything you can do with your student each day or week to help others in some way from home.  Maybe that is as simple as making sure that your student helps with age-appropriate household chores.  Maybe it is making art or writing cards for socially-isolated nursing home residents (ask first to ensure that they want anything).  Maybe it is sewing face masks for the local hospital.  Maybe it is making sure that a friend in class who tends to be an introvert knows that your student is thinking about them.  Living some kindness is a great educational experience!

Enjoy exploring these online options (or not)!


Mme. Shouka