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French Teaching Interns

  • Are at least 21 years old.
  • They are students or recent graduates of institutions of higher education in their home country.
  • Many are involved in the field of languages or are preparing to teach English as a Foreign Language.
  • They often have some experience or have worked with youth.
  • Interns are here to gain teaching skills through their assignments, to represent their language, culture and country, and to share their knowledge and ideas.
  • They want to learn first-hand about American culture and improve their English.
  • An intern’s first obligation is to complete their internship at the Host School.
  • They are also volunteers who are role models, ambassadors of good will, active community participants, and integrated members of their Host Family or school environment.
  • The interns are here on a J-1 Intern Visa. A J-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa issued by the United States to exchange visitors participating in programs that promote cultural exchange.
  • The program is set up to benefit the students, teachers and school:
    • Provides an additional French (native) speaking adult in the French classroom
    • Allows for teachers to provide more small group instruction in the classroom
    • Allows students to learn about the French culture in addition to the French language
  • As well as benefit the interns:
    • Provides a supervised training experience that will benefit them in their future careers in education
    • Interns have the opportunity to learn skills associated with an immersion education model
    • Free room and board to explore the U.S.! Opportunity to improve their English skills

What do interns do in the classroom?

  • Ask your kids!
  • Varies significantly by grade. Supervised by a licensed teacher.
    • Provide instruction by following lesson plans
    • Participate in or lead small group instruction
    • Circulate in classrooms to support students and keep them on task
    • Present on French culture and their country
    • Assist with supervision of daily classroom routines
    • Assist with correcting papers