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Partial List of Recent Equity and Inclusivity Trainings, Events and Activities at Le Monde French Immersion Public Charter School

Staff Professional Development
  • PPS: Working with Students with ADHD/ADD/Anxiety
  • Transactive: Establishing affirming, inclusive and equitable school environments for gender diverse, nonbinary and transgender students and staff
  • ODE:  Understanding Equity (Oregon’s Racial History, Implicit Bias, Micro-aggressions, Culturally-Responsive Teaching, Exclusionary Practices)
  • Oregon State Literacy Association Conference: Literacy, Equity and Empowerment
  • Restorative Practices:  Alternatives to Suspension
  • Jean Berg: MindUp Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum Professional Development
  • IBO: International Baccalaureate for the PYP Classroom
Guest Artists, Lecturers, and Performances by Diverse Artists and/or Exploring Inclusivity Themes
  • Parfait Bassale, West African artist and educator presented “Bridges” presentation regarding empathy and inclusion
  • Multnomah County Youth Health Equity Team Inclusive Sexual Health Presentation (Upper Grades)
  • “Cassius Clay: The Making of Muhammad Ali” (Oregon Children’s Theater)
  • “The Journal of Ben Uchida” (Oregon Children’s Theater)
  • “George Washington Carver and Friends” (Bright Star Touring Theater Co.)
  • “Struggle for Freedom: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” (Bright Star Touring Theater Co.)
  • Shue Hawkins: Exploring Mask Making
  • “Pescador” (Silencio Blanco)
  • “School Girls; The African Mean Girls” (Portland Center Stage)
Selected Classroom Materials That Explore Diverse Themes
  • MindUp
  • Dance Around the World
  • La Francophonie
  • Middle School 6th Grade US History—Civil Rights as explored through three simulations (Missouri Compromise, Reconstruction, the Samuel Mudd Trial and the 1877 Electoral Commission), and in transitional exploration of Civil Rights Movement as intertwined with New Deal, WWII and Cold War
School Events to Promote a More Inclusive Environment
  • International Day—exploring the cultural heritage of students, staff and families
  • Black History Month—exploring diverse figures from US Black History
  • Lots of Socks Day—socks serve as a metaphor for the way we can all be different but still have a lot that is the same
  • Loving Day—celebrating the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that struck down anti-miscegenation laws in the US that banned interracial marriage