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Welcome & General Info

including the Host Family Questionnaire

Le Monde Immersion is proud to participate in the CICD French Intern program. Aspiring teachers from France work at Le Monde as intern assistants to our teachers, offering a professional French native speaker in classrooms to boost the learning experience for children.

Having a second French-speaking adult in the classroom deepens immersion by providing more small-group experiences, as well as regular opportunities to listen to adults conversing in French. To support the program, French Teaching Interns live with Le Monde Host Families for 3-5 months during the year. Providing room and board for the interns is a unique way for families to support Le Monde while enjoying camaraderie of a native speaker. Mostly, it’s great for the kids!

If you are interested in supporting the program, you can:
  • Participate as a Host Family.
  • Act as a Support Family.
  • Serve on the French Teaching Intern Host Family Committee.
  • Or donate items on the Teaching Intern Wish List.

We would love you to be a Host Family! If you are interested in participating as a Host Family, please fill out the Host Family Questionnaire. Feel free to contact Ali Garfinkle for more information or to ask any questions.