Le Monde French Immersion Public Charter School

Language Policy (Rev. November 2019)

Le Monde’s mission is to educate children in a French immersion environment that honors the best international academic traditions and develops students who are inquisitive, reflective, communicative, and caring.

Language Philosophy:

Le Monde was founded on a belief that beginning foreign language instruction early sets the stage for students to develop advanced levels of proficiency in one or more languages, with enhanced capacity for native or near native pronunciation and intonation in new languages. Further, immersion learning increases critical thinking skills, creativity, and flexibility of mind in young children. We hope that by engaging in immersion learning, our students will receive the cognitive benefits of early second language acquisition, as well as embrace global perspectives and be good global ambassadors.

Languages of Instruction:

Le Monde is operated on an immersion model with French as the target language. The language of instruction for all subjects is French, though in kindergarten and at the start of the year in lower grades as students acclimate, teachers use a mix of English and French to assist the students in transitioning into a new environment and to ensure an understanding of expectations. Classroom teachers will have native or near native proficiency in the French language. The intention is to slowly build the students’ base of knowledge, using French where feasible without translation, to create an immersive experience and quickly build conceptual understanding.

Starting in the 1st grade, students receive daily English Language Arts instruction with an English Language Arts subject-specific teacher.

In grades four through middle school, some use of English is at times combined with French, especially with respect to subject-specific vocabulary in Math and Science, to ensure that students are able to complete state-required tests and would be able to transition easily to an all-English environment. Books in both English and French are made available in classroom libraries to ensure access to relevant materials.

Where feasible, specials (art, music, physical education) are conducted in French; however, the school prioritizes ensuring that the specials instructors are subject matter competent, as opposed to fluent in French.

Third Language:

Students start the study of a third language, Spanish, in the third grade. This continues throughout their remaining tenure at Le Monde, and the focus of such instruction is on speaking and listening.

Home Languages and ELL Support:

Students are admitted to Le Monde subject to Oregon public charter school laws regarding enrollment. Students are not admitted after 2nd grade. Students enter the school with a number of different home languages. All students admitted to Le Monde complete a home language survey upon enrollment. Le Monde relies on the home language survey, transfer records from other schools, and teacher recommendation to determine who will have IPT assessment through the district. These assessments will be used to inform and guide English Language Learner support.


All students are regularly assessed in the four language proficiency domains of speaking, listening, reading and writing, in French and in English. Students not at benchmark in English may receive tiered support using one-on-one or small group instruction with the Early Literacy Specialist or English Language Arts teachers in lower grades, including use of primary curriculum and alternative methods like Orton-Gillingham and Kendore. Students not at benchmark in French may receive additional focused support during class from the primary classroom teacher and/or any educational assistant. Le Monde believes that literacy support in any language will support literacy in other languages.