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School Basics

How many children attend your school, and in what grades?

We have approximately 385 students in grades K through 8.

Is there before and after school care?

Pre-pandemic, yes. Since the pandemic, our third party providers have not been able to provide staffing for a care program. For more information click on the Other Programs tab on the main navigation bar on the homepage of the website.

What are the hours of before and after care?

In 2019/20 Before Care starts at 7.30am. Le Monde Programs LLC’s after school care program begins at the end of school and ends at 6:00pm, except on early release days or in special circumstances.

What is a charter school?

Charter schools are independent public schools contracted by their sponsoring district to provide a specific program under the conditions of their contract. They often have a greater degree of flexibility in programming, and also a greater level of accountability in that they may be shut down by their sponsoring district if performance benchmarks are not met.

Students enrolled in a charter school must meet all state benchmarks and district testing requirements, as well as any additional requirements determined by the district in the charter contract.

Enrollment in a charter school is completely based on lottery; and there is no preference for neighborhood residents. Charter schools are independent organizations, operating under their own administrative and financial policies, with oversight provided by the organization’s board of directors.

More Detail About The School

What is the focus of your school?

Full French immersion, using an international curriculum that meets Oregon standards.

What is the classroom management and discipline approach?

Le Monde strives to offer a safe and secure environment for all children, families, and staff. Whenever possible, inappropriate behavior is responded to with redirection, natural/logical consequences, guidance towards child-led problem solving, and other non-punitive approaches.

Corporal punishment is never used at Le Monde. Suspension and possible expulsion is used in response to severe and/or repeated behavior that threatens the learning environment and/or the safety of students and staff. A copy of Le Monde’s Suspension and Expulsion Policy and Procedure can be obtained from the office.

Do you offer physical education?

Physical education classes are provided at least twice a week.

What are the demographics of Le Monde French Immersion Public Charter School?

The demographics fluctuate from year to year due to our small size. On average we aspire to reflect the demographics of the Portland Public School District in race and income level.

Can parents volunteer in the classrooms, and is it required?

Parents are encouraged to volunteer at Le Monde, though there is no requirement for volunteering. Volunteer opportunities may include field study chaperones or assisting in classrooms if teachers request assistance. We also have many opportunities for parents to help with fundraising and special events outside of school time.

Do you have Special Education services?

Special Education services are provided by Portland Public Schools, with whom Le Monde cooperates in the delivery of services.  Portland Public Schools, in its discretion, has the authority to determine which specialized Special Education services and programs should be provided at Le Monde, if any, and whether students requiring Special Education services would be better served at a district school.

Do students receive art/music instruction?

We offer instruction and exposure to the arts in all grades. Students receive weekly arts instruction in both the visual and performing arts.  Arts education includes attendance at arts performances throughout the city, and school-wide arts events. At Le Monde, we love to sing! In the classrooms, students have weekly music lessons, led by professional visiting artists.

Is lunch available for purchase?

Pre-pandemic, we had a third-party vendor provide a lunch service delivered to the school that families could purchase by ordering ahead on a monthly schedule. Most families pack lunch. During the pandemic, the third-party vendor program has been suspended.