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Academic Resources in French

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Resources and Activities in Different Subjects:  Carrefour-Education
Counting, Reading and Writing in French for Ages 5-8:  La CLEF
Fundamentals (animated cartoons):  Fondamentaux
Resources in Different Subjects: Lumni
Younger students practice games:
Compilation of good online resources of all types in French:
Leveled material on different subjects in French from Ottawa:
French Government School At Home Site:
Tours of Museums:
Multiple French immersion resources:
Free Illustrated Books in French:
French leveled readers:
Learn French at Home:
Primary French learning activities:
Lower grade readers:
Interactive French material:
French read alouds:
Audio books:
Mythes et legends :
La voix haute:
Tintin audiobooks:
Encore une histoire:
La Dictée P.G.L :
French materials:
Documentary podcasts:
Phonics and Reading comprehension:
7 Free French Books:

11 L’école des loisirs books animated online:

YA novel in French for free download:
23 Charades:
French Children’s Stories with Slow Audio:
Resource guide to free online French books:
Younger elementary French learning platform for English speakers:
Links to various French newspapers around the world:
French reading for upper grades:
Articles on different topics with audio:
Books and cartoons in French and English:
Science-related articles:
Short science explorations:
La science en action (user: covid19; password: edumedia):
Science Express:
Classe de sciences:
Classe de sciences:
Environmental studies:
Canadian Ministry of the Environment:
Site avec des activités d’apprentissage classées selon le niveau du secondaire:
Site avec des vidéos, jeux et images sur concepts univers vivants:
A Canadian science teacher shares daily YouTube science experiments from home in French:
Découvrez Curium, le nouveau magazine science et société des 14-17 ans
Online science magazines in French for elementary grade and middle school students in French:
Force 4 (hint:  push the orange “series” button to watch cardio, yoga or other video series):
West African Dance Class with Solo Sana: