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Special Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Special Board Meeting
Sunday, May 5, 2022
6 PM

Board Members in Attendance: Jarod Hobbs, Karen Kitchen, Alison Garfinkle, Mark Williams, Michal McCamman, Ben Melix-Stanciu, Shouka Rezvani (nonvoting)|

Board Member Absent: Dory Hobbs

  • The meeting was called to order at 6 PM, and then went into Executive Session pursuant to ORS 192.660(2)(a) to hear from complainants with respect to Complaint No. 1.
  • The Board returned to public session after going beyond time specified in agenda.
  • Jarod Hobbs moved to present the following resolution: Resolved, that in keeping with the School’s Complaint Procedure, based on substantive and credible evidence after a prompt and thorough investigation by administration, appropriate corrective action was taken, Complaint No. 1 is resolved, and no further action will be taken by the Board with respect to Complaint No. 1.
  • Karen Kitchen seconded the motion.
  • Board unanimously approved the resolution.
  • Complainants addressed the Board.
  • There being no additional public comment, the meeting was concluded at 7:40 pm.