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September 2013: Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting
5:45-8:30 PM

Present: Shouka Rezvani, Nicole Aas-Rouxparis, Robyn Pfeifer, Karyn Warner, Jarod Hobbs, Jane Fabulet-Roberts, Dory Hobbs
Others: Amy Reed


  1. Review of first week – The staffing at the school needs to be increased. Sarah Mayko is a new hire, and we need a floater for Grade Two. Snack times need to be changed a bit, and lunchroom noise is decreased. The library needs work. Jane will work on and talk to Amy Wilde Taylor and Karyn. Extra books are to be stored in Nicole’s garage.
    Classrooms are too hot. Yann’s and Jeanne’s classes are upstairs and have windows, so a/c is an option for them. Jarod will purchase and bring to the school as soon as possible.
  2. Budget – our goal of $100,000 still needs to be met. We are operating at a deficit and must fundraise to avoid consuming our cash reserves. We need to focus on directs asks to our community, which  historically and for all charter schools tends to be the primary source of funding. The PA has been asked to focus on fundraising, and Nicole Nadeau will take on SCRIP. Other avenues of fundraising will include Chinook books and Run for the Arts. If we do not fundraise, our programming will suffer.
  3. Teacher Assessments – We need a calendar and to firm up our policy regarding teacher assessments. Inez and Karyn will work on this.
  4. Academics – There has been parent concern over the school choosing Canadian materials for these first years instead of French ones.We need to clear up the confusion over what vision is in place, and how we are using both Canadian and French materials (Canadian mostly in place until Grade 3, at which point kids will be better prepared to use French materials).
  5. Clustering – The idea of clustering after we perform assessments was revisited and Shouka will follow
    up with teacher discussions.
  6. Hiring – The school needs a permanent secretary. Nicole will begin search and put up ads. The school would also like to hire an FLA Curriculum Director, although there are not currently funds for it. Dory will write an FLA Curriculum Director ad and the budget officers will prioritize funding that position.
  7. Treasurer – Shouka moved to name Jarod Hobbs as board treasurer, and all were in favor.

Executive Session:
Employment matters were discussed.