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School-Wide PBIS Consequences System

Dear Le Monde Families,

The purpose of this communication is to give you an update about Le Monde’s School- Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports program (School-Wide PBIS) being developed by our PBIS Team composed of myself, teachers, and our positive behavior consultant.

As you know, the purpose of School-Wide PBIS program is to help improve the social and learning behaviors of students and decrease disruptions that interfere with classroom instruction. While the majority of our students respond well to the behavioral instruction and acknowledgements provided to them, other students demonstrate varying degrees of behavior concerns. The consequence system is put into place to provide all students with corrective consequences when they demonstrate disruptive behaviors.

In developing the school’s consequence system, the goal was to have clear and consistent responses for school staff to refer to regarding behavioral concerns. Our hope is that this will result in all students being treated fairly and consistently. The matrix that follows is leveled such that behaviors with similar severity levels or similar impact on the classroom environment are grouped together. For each level, the team then identified consequence options for each behavior, ensuring that the intensity of the consequence options match the intensity and severity of the behaviors. Consequences range from fairly minor, such as verbal reprimand or redirection, to more intense consequences, such as suspension.

All School-Wide PBIS practices are founded on the assumption and belief that all children can exhibit appropriate behavior. The goal in implementing a consequence system is to be proactive in decreasing disruptions that interfere with classroom instruction and to ensure that all student continue to be safe, responsible and respectful while on campus. It is our hope that all Le Monde parents remain committed to successful student behavior and academic outcomes through PBIS and the promotion of a well-organized, fair and effective learning community.

The following table charts Le Monde’s behavior leveling system:

We hope that by clearly communicating expectations and consequences with students and parents that we will create transparency to our approach. Since we are in the implementation phase of this new approach, we may find that we need modifications. If modifications are needed, we will post them to the website, where we will place this chart.

Thank you for supporting our teachers and students as we work collaboratively toward creating the best possible learning environment.

Best wishes,

Chantal Dufour-Martel
Head of School