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October 2015: Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting
@Tonkon Torp LLP-1600 Pioneer Tower, 888 SW 5th Avenue, Portland
October 13, 2015
5:45-8:00 PM


Board Members present: Shouka Rezvani, Dory Hobbs, Nicole Aas-Rouxparis, Jeffrey Scott, Karyn Warner

Educators present: Chantal Dufour-Martel, Joseph McFadden, Kate Gaudouen

Parent present: Tina Osgaard

    1. Approve September Board Minutes.
    2. School Update from Chantal:
      1. Grade level team planning sessions and staff meetings are each occurring twice weekly per month.
      2. The staff held a school inservice day and received PBIS professional development training.
      3. All students have completed Singapore Math, IDAPEL and DIBELS assessments. Students
      4. in need of extra support are being identified to receive interventions. MAP testing in English and Math will start this month.
      5. Our Singapore trainer will be continuing to do Singapore math support, observations, and training for teachers throughout the year.
      6. Science and Health curriculums are being developed as we go according to grade bands; our Gr 4 class is entering a new grade band and the board will look into possible healthrelated visits and field trips to ensure meeting health common core standards.
      7. PBIS update per Director of Student Support: teachers are receiving PAX training and support materials. The PAX good behavior game is being implemented. The PBIS inservice training was helpful and the trainer will be asked to return to continue working with staff.
      8. Students will participate in the National Earthquake Drill this week. In addition, lockdown procedures and the language used with students to keep them calm and informed in emergencies will be covered next week. Shouka has been attending training offered by the city of Portland and procuring supplies appropriate to our new facility for
      9. emergency situations.
      10. PPS has offered certain equity training. The board and staff will continue working with our equity consultants.
    3. Peanut Ban Lift. The board lifted the peanut ban for all classes except one after discussions withfamilies affected by peanut allergies. The board will revisit this decision annually. Teachers willinform their classes individually.
    4. Financial Review. The budget is currently on track. More fundraising is necessary to offer programming at the level we would like. Donations from families and the community are encouraged, and fundraising ideas would be greatly appreciated. We still have some spots
    5. available in kindergarten.
    6. Fundraising Plans Update – Run for the Arts will be on October 22 in the morning at Buckman Field. The board thanks Michal McCamman, Shahrzad Dey and Karla Bean, the parents running this fundraiser, for their efforts, since the money raised during the Run makes an enormous difference in our arts programming, and the students greatly enjoy the learning opportunities this funding opens up for them. A number of parents are working with Shouka on fundraising activities. One parent has agreed to chair the Holiday Bazaar, and another parent has agreed to chair Iron Chef. Dory is offering a parents’ night out fundraiser in November with the proceeds going to Le Monde. There are also parents working on a t-shirt/swag sale, a possible Read-athon in the spring, dine-out opportunities, a Whole Foods percentage of sales day, a possible restaurant event, etc. Shouka is pursuing several possibilities for receiving more community support.
    7. Discussion of Middle School Planning – Board members will begin touring schools and makingrecommendations for a good middle school approach and structure.
    8. Facility Report – Ideally we would increase the frequency of janitorial services, but are waiting to ensure we have adequate income to do this. Recess equipment has arrived, and Shouka has arranged for a company to install chains to block off the parking lot, hopefully in the next week. The parking lot will then be unavailable and blocked off from 11 am – 1 pm daily. Chantal has set up a rotating schedule for all classrooms to have the opportunity to share the new play area and gym, as well as to continue to go to Buckman Field.
    9. Teacher report – Students are coming to school with inappropriate footwear and struggling with the walk to recess because their shoes don’t stay on. This is dangerous, especially when crossing the street. Emails are being sent to families whose children are experiencing this problem. Shoes with Velcro and girls’ ballet-style flat shoes are especially problematic. Shoes with higher heels are also not recommended. The milk program was discussed.
    10. Report regarding AFCA– AFCA is going well and is operating on budget. Ideally we need to have a substitute list in the event AFCA employees are ill. Nicole will advertise for more help.
    11. Executive Session. Employment matters were discussed.