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May 2017: Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting
Tonkon Torp LLP, 1600 Pioneer Tower, 888 SW 5th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97204
Tuesday, May 9, 2017
6-8 PM

Board Members Present: Dory Hobbs, Ben Melix-Stanciu, Jeff Scott, Jarod Hobbs, Shouka Rezvani
Board Members Absent: Karen Kitchen, Nicole Aas-Rouxparis
Staff: Chantal Dufour-Martel

  1. Approved board consent resolutions since last meeting, including two student leave requests and review and approval of Q3 financials. March board meeting minutes approved.
  2. Teacher has asked for additional days off in addition to PTO to attend family matter during scheduled in service day. Board approved leave but requested that the teacher obtain the information and contribute the information regarding FLA scope and sequence he would miss during the in-service from his co-grade teacher.
  3. Equity Reflection/Equity and Inclusivity in Education Committee update: Lots of Socks Day, celebrating diversity and inclusivity, was a success. A local sock company donated socks to the school for those students who forgot to bring any. Teachers or Shouka (at teacher request) lead classroom discussions regarding diversity and inclusivity from past equity trainings. Unveiled a “friendship bench” for the playground, where students can sit if they feel lonely at recess and others can offer to play with them.
  4. School Report.
    1. Teachers have received final reviews.
    2. Students are completing year end tests according to the established assessment schedule.
    3. Staff had an inservice to discuss a more common set of schoolwide expectation around the school.
    4. Student “behavior” report has been modified to be a “Report of Unmet Expectations”, with more opportunity for student feedback and active communication to parents by staff. David Maxey has been instrumental increating these changes.
    5. Shouka met with a committee of teachers to discuss the science curriculum adoption. The feeling was that STC is too cumbersome and that for the grades 5 and under the adoption should be more accessible for teachers. STC anticipates more time devoted to science than we are able to provide, though science instruction remains a key focus of the school. Decision to move to Building Blocks of Science for next year, which should be a budget neutral change.Approval to purchase the first set of kits and see how implementation goes before purchasing a full year’s worth of curriculum. STC curriculum kits from this year can still be used.
    6. Beth Levin (ELA teacher) determined that we can borrow books from the PPS lending library, which should be a great resource.
    7. Technology issues in the building have made testing a chore this year. Shouka is working to find solutions, including using hot spots.
  5. Facility Discussion. Shouka and some members of Facility Committee still in active discussions with two possible locations, and actively exploring others. It is anticipated that we will obtain a lease for a secondary location from one of them. Two K classes and two second grade classes would be placed at secondary location if obtained, in order to try to continue planned advantages of having upper grades remain with lower grades as they enter middle school.
  6. Financial Review. April financials, including Profit and Loss Statement against budget and Balance Sheet, were reviewed and approved. March and April are extremely tight months from a cash flow perspective because February and March both are short months. We anticipate that the cash flow will improve in May and June, and that we will end the year in better position than budgeted.
  7. Suspension and Expulsion Policy Review. Shouka learned at the National Charter School conference that we should incorporate more of a process for any student suspension or expulsion being considered, and also a new law went into effect in Oregon requiring that age be taken into account in considering expulsions. Shouka and David Maxey worked to revise the Suspension and Expulsion policy based on PPS’s model and
    taking into account the Oregon law (though they did not provide a legal review). Board voted to adopt new Suspension and Expulsion Policy.
  8. Le Monde Programs LLC Report. Le Monde Programs will operate “La Petite Fete” childcare during the La Fete gala. Le Monde Programs will operate a summer camp program, to be staffed primarily by current AfCa employees Dylan and Sydney on different weeks. Shouka will coordinate summer program staffing with Programs staff. Human resources matters related to Programs were discussed.
  9. Executive Session. Human Resources matters were discussed.