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July 2016:Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes
@Tonkon Torp LLP, 888 SW 5th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97204 June 14, 2016
5:45-8:00 PM

Note: July board meeting cancelled due to summer break.


Board Members Present: Dory Hobbs, Jarod Hobbs, Jeff Scott, Shouka Rezvani, Ben Melix-Sanciu

Staff: Chantal Dufour-Martel, Reena Gupta, Jessica Beaujault

  1. Adopt May board minutes – unanimous approval.
  2. School Update from Chantal.Instructional Schedule for 2016/2017: Next year schedule’s schedule anticipates having hour planning for classroom grade level teachers during ELA and one lunch and one afternoon recess. Shouka indicates that we are still discussing with specials independent contractors their availability next year.Assessments: Currently finishing testing for Idapel, Dibels, MAPs and Smarter Balanced – results will be available early fall for the latter. Math performance outcomes have been reviewed with teachers and they are adjusting testing schedule to allow for additional curriculum to be covered prior to testing. The Singapore program needs to be implemented with fidelity. We will continue employing a math consultant consistent with the school’s adoption of Singapore Math as our Math curriculum. We have observed that teachers who do implement completely the Singapore Math method are regularly outperforming those who mix singapore and their own materials/curriculum. Chantal is reviewing and analyzing results (MAP, IDAPEL, Dibels).
    Leaves: It appears there are some families who are leaving school early (not completing through the end of the year). Staff needs to be reminded to tell parents to inform the office if they will be leaving early. The leave policy, of which parents should be reminded, specifies that if a student is absent for more than 10 consecutive days then they will be automatically unenrolled from the school unless they obtain a leave of absence from the board of directors prior to that time.

    Enrollment Update: There was a discussion regarding next year’s enrollment status.

    Lunch program: A group of 3rd graders presented a petition to change the school lunch program. Shouka talked to the class regarding their petition, and the issues for consideration: alternatives, cost, budget, National School Lunch Program requirements, etc. In the end the decision was made to stick with the current vendor but discuss which entrée items were the most popular with students. Board granted unanimous approval to renew Fresh and Local vendor contract.

  3. Equity Reflection.
    There was a staff discussion regarding the Orlando tragedy and having an in-school discussion of the event. Certain staff indicated that they would not feel comfortable discussing gun violence or sexual identity issues without guidance of a professional. Board agrees we would not bring up either issue at the grade school level pending professional direction. Certain staff expressed a desire to show support for victims and a special day was proposed: “Love is Love” Day. Students would be encouraged to wear articles of clothing with hearts or cut out hearts to attach to clothing to celebrate love in all of its forms. Violence would not be discussed. Parents would be able to expand on the discussion regarding LGBTQ issues at home (or not) as they determine. Board approved the Love is Love Day.PPS recently issued a memo issued by ODE regarding guidance for creating an appropriate environment for transgender students. Specific to LM, we need to review and address our restrooms to comply with federal laws. We will allow students to self-identify the bathroom they feel comfortable using. Staff should have internal communications to be sensitive to the gender identities of students.
  4. Facility.Shouka has been working back and forth with a volunteer parent architect, former city employee, landlord, and the portables company on the portables placement. Revisions consistent with what the city has indicated it wants are nearly finalized and can be submitted soon. Shouka also has been looking for alternate possible locations, so far with no luck.
  5. Finance.
    May financials were reviewed for both Le Monde Immersion and Le Monde Programs. Budget shortfall for LMI is caused by under-enrollment. Although there is a higher expense line item as against budget, this is due to expenditure of arts-restricted funds from the Run For the Arts and Arts Tax funds, for which we do not budget; in actuality, our expenses have been less than budget. We have reduced some of our income deficiency through additional fundraising (approximately $25,000 above our fundraising budget goal). Next year we have budgeted for attrition in the higher grades and plan to allow for class size in lower grades of 26 students.The La Fete fundraiser was very successful, almost doubling revenue from the prior year. Thanks to parent Leah Loewy for organizing that event.
  6. Miscellaneous.
    In discussions with Portland Rock Gym regarding possibly using rock climbing to supplement the PE program.Change in School Year – Some teachers have indicated they would prefer to shorten the school year. Since the calendar already was submitted to PPS and published, this is not possible for 2016/2017. Further, the board determined that the parent community should weigh in on any such decision. Discussed the possibility of a parent survey in November.No Back to School Picnic—Board elected not to have a back to school picnic this year, and instead to have a carnival right after school starts with the Foire a Faire. Parent Association has indicated they will conduct informal Kindergarten get togethers doing the summer.
  7. Suspension and Expulsion Policy.
    Discussion of suspension and expulsion policy, in light of new laws SB 553 and 556. The Board will modify current policy to realign with new legislation. Intend to include revisions with the parent handbook revisions.