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December 2018: Board Meeting Minutes

Le Monde Immersion
Board Meeting Minutes
Mercy Corp, 45 SW Ankeny, Portland OR
Thursday, December 13, 2018

Called to order at 5:45pm.

In attendance:

Board: Shouka Rezvani (non-voting), Karen Kitchen, Ben Melix-Stanciu, Ali Garfinkle, Michal McCamman, Dory Hobbs, Jarod Hobbs

  1. Approve consents since last meeting (2 leave requests) and October board minutes approved.
  2. School Report
    Shouka reported that there are more good than bad things to report, and that many excellent things are happening at school due to the good work of many:

    • Students participated in the National Spelling Bee during ELA across the school (except for K), with 2 or 3 winners per grade. The Bee was very well received; students LOVED it and were very respectful towards each other, congratulating each participant.
    • A school round of the National Geography Bee also took place and was enjoyed for the older grades.
    • Students attended a lot of plays and field trips over the last month. 4th graders attended Imago theatre, where Boom Arts arranged a back stage tour and discussion; K-2nd grades attended Mary Poppins at NW Children’s Theater; and there is a silent Chilean puppetry show is planned for 4th through 7th grades at Imago through Boom Arts.
    • Yann’s 4th grade class had a weaver come visit, now they are weaving up a storm and incorporating weaving into other lessons.
    • Shouka reports a lot of teacher-initiated activities. She is proud of them for going the extra mile.
    • Friday is the day when Run for the Arts awards are handed out and will be a no uniform day in celebration. Rebecca’s class was the winner and they will celebrate with a special artist workshop visit.
    • Shouka reports good buzz and feeling among staff, who are a close-knit group with positive relationships.
    • The Winter was dance a success and really fun! Kudos to the parents who helped!
    • Five teachers completed DELF training. We are currently waiting on their test results. Those who pass will be considered to be “examinateur” who can give and grade the exam to award DELF certification.
    • Staff visas were approved, after some delay.
    • Parent/teacher conferences concluded.
    • PPS implemented a new emergency alert system, and Le Monde participates. Our office is being notified of emergencies throughout the district, which helps us be responsive to emergency situations.
    • PSU professor and Le Monde parent Stephanie Roulon has student French majors interested in interning for a few hours per week, and we have started that process.
    • A middle school parent sent in a $3,000 donation plus really nice letter about how much they appreciate Le Monde and our staff.
      In U.S. History class in middle school they are teaching history through doing historical re-enactments and the students are very enthusiastic.
    • Karen asked about Senate Bill 13 – teaching about the Oregon tribes. Shouka says they are doing this in Social Studies, but encouraged Karen to come to the school and share as she is able.
  3. Intern Committee Report
    Interns are all heavily immersed in our community and are very helpful. Five of the interns are staying with their fall families moving forward! Kudos to these hosts! Ali would like to start advertising for next year. She expresses concern with the number of host families needed. Eight seems like a positive number for the school. The Board discussed possible housing alternatives as well as whether it can become a J-1 sponsor itself.
  4. Equity and Inclusivity Report
    The Committee had its first meeting with some new faces; a lot of ideas being evaluated. Karen mentions “Explore Oregon” exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society on February 16 (family day which will be free). Karen will email information to Shouka.
  5. Facility Discussion
    We will be signing a long-term lease tomorrow for the Burnside location, with extended space. We may not receive some of the extra space until December 2019, so we will keep Neri until then. The new space should house our full growth, but still will be a very tight space with not a lot of extra.
  6. IB Report
    Beth and Shouka held an IB presentation for the teachers and teachers started the evaluating our IB framework. We will have trainings in August with a professional IB instructor. Beth and Shouka meet every other week to plan and move forward. Shouka feels we are working at the right pace for an approximately 3-year implementation.
  7. Financial and Fundraising Update
    We are operating to the net positive as against budget, but are approaching the hardest time of the year in terms of cash flow. Since we are paid by the district “by the day” the month after each month is concluded, and November and December are short months, January and February payments are quite small. To meet different needs we will have to do some additional hires, which will affect the bottom line.
  8. Le Monde Programs LLC Discussion
    AFCA staff report that most people have been paying on a timely basis, but there are a few families who still have not paid for even November. Families who have large balances from months ago should be notified that they can no longer use the AFCA service, which is not free (unlike the school program).
  9. Executive Session
    Board discussed HR issues

Adjourned at 8:25pm