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Consent Resolutions

Le Monde Immersion

Consent Resolutions

The undersigned, being the directors of Le Monde Immersion, an Oregon nonprofit corporation (the Corporation), hereby waive notice and consent to the following action of the Corporation taken in lieu of a meeting of the Board of Directors, effective January 1, 2017.

RESOLVED, that the officers of the Corporation shall be:

Shouka Rezvani, President

Dorianne Hobbs, Vice President

Jarod Hobbs, Secretary/Treasurer

This Consent, which may be signed in original counterparts, shall have the same effects if the actions described herein were taken by the directors of the Corporation at a duly called and lawfully held meeting.  Facsimile, pdf, email and counterpart signatures shall be valid for all purposes of this Consent.

(Signed board member consents are on file with Corporation.)

__________________________                    _________________________
Nicole Aas-Rouxparis                            Dorianne Hobbs

__________________________                    _________________________
Jarod Hobbs                                             Karen Kitchen

__________________________                    _________________________
Ben Melix-Stanciu                                   Shouka Rezvani (nonvoting)

Jeff Scott