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August 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting
@Tonkon Torp LLP-1600 Pioneer Tower, 888 SW 5th Avenue, Portland
5:45-7:45 PM

Nicole Aas-Rouxparis, Jarod Hobbs, Dory Hobbs, Shouka Rezvani, Karyn Warner, Robyn Pfeiffer
Educator present: Chantal
Others: Jeff Scott


  1. Adoption of July Board Minutes – Shouka moved to adopt the July minutes, Jarod seconded, all board members were in favor.
  2. Summer Picnic Overview—August 17, 12pm-4pm
    1. BBQ/set up – Patrick Warner will be cooking and offered to handle all food purchases, plates, utensils, etc. Nicole will handle placing crests on tables. Board members will bring crayons and coloring sheets. A shaved ice cart will be there from 1-4 pm.
    2. Attendance—all board
    3. Uniform Exchange – the PA will do a uniform exchange at the picnic.
    4. Fingerprinting – We will try to see if can get the fingerprint company to attend the picnic to fingerprint new parents who are interested in volunteering—if not, then we can ask them to come to the Back to School Night.
  3. Back to School Update – Chantal has made the daily schedule, honoring teacher requests, which is difficult to do across classes. Teachers will schedule in their own art, science, health, and cursive and turn back into Chantal for presentation to the board. For safety purposes, the school must hire another hall monitor and this action
    was approved by unanimous vote.
  4. Consultancy Proposal for Director – The preferred candidate for the director position may prefer to be hired as a consultant. Chantal will work with her to create a proposal. Jarod noted that accountability improvements need to be seen at the school – from the parent community & staff members alike. Jarod recommends holding
    everyone accountable for fulfilling the school’s mission. A code of conduct that applies to everyone in the community, all the stakeholders, would improve the overall effectiveness of the school.
  5. Handbook Reviews – Updated handbooks will be circulated to the board via email for revisions and adoption. The new handbooks need to get finished as soon as possible so that incoming families may review them.
  6. Lunch Update
    1. Menu – We will start the year with cold plated lunches in order to reduce vendor costs to their lowest point. If the staffing involved in plating is too onerous, then we will move to vendor-provided sack lunches, which have a slightly higher per meal cost but involve less staffing.
    2. Lunch billing – all students who are signed up must take a lunch. The vendor requires advance notice, so if parents do not sign up in time, they will not be allowed to access the program that month.
    3. Volunteer staffing—Chantal will determine volunteer staffing needs after seeing how the new program works.
  7. Calendar Review – Shouka is booking facilities for the various events for the coming year, such as International Day and Winter Dance.
  8. AFCA –The fee structure is being modified to streamline and reduce bookkeeping costs. Nicole and the bookkeeper will work with AFCA staff to streamline the accounting.