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April 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting
5:45-8:15 PM

Present: Shouka Rezvani, Nicole Aas-Rouxparis, Dory Hobbs, Karyn Warner, Robyn Pfeifer, Jarod Hobbs
(Jane Fabulet-Roberts excused absence) Parent representative: Darci Nielson
Educators present: Anou Stahl, Yann Renimel, Craig Nelson

1. Adoption of March Board Minutes- Nicole moved to accept the minutes for March, Dory seconded, all board members were in favor.

2. School Update (Craig Nelson)

In early May, the school will have the PPS all-day site visit. PPS is sending a contractor to conduct the review and Craig is working out a schedule.

Chantal, our FLA coordinator, was here to work during last week’s in-service day. She spent her time working with teachers, doing Q & A sessions, and giving ideas and suggestions. She would like to return in June or August to review data, progress, and discuss the coming year. Anou noted that the end of the year is crunch time with finalizing report cards and packing up classrooms, and that doing the training in August would allow new teachers to participate. The discussion of when to hold the training was tabled.

Craig recommends that Singapore books be ordered for all levels. Books are to be reused because students can work assignments out in a notebook. Craig will work with Nicole on getting orders in. Chromebooks have arrived and are being set up for roll out within the next two weeks. Craig will
work on purchasing MAPS and start the testing process this year.

Anou reports that daily homework is working well for the teachers.

3. Enrollment Update- Craig reports that parents are responding to accept available spaces for 2014/2015 and we are nearly full and will be going through the waitlist for any spots that are not accepted. There are about 100 students waitlisted for Kindergarten.

4. Rest of Year Events

a. Field Trip- Craig is going to discuss with teachers any requests for field trips before the end of the year.

b. Science Day- after school on June 5 the University of Portland and Portland State University will set up science experiments for students from 3-5pm.
c. Spectacle- Teachers will discuss with Ross Gulko and plan the Spectacle, calendared for June 14th.

d. Games Day- Constance Jones will organize Games Day. Wallace Park is reserved. Terry Coleman will reserve school buses. Teachers are to give Shouka feedback on preferred t-shirt colors for their classes.

5. Iron Chef/Fundraising Update- the two teams are organized, dessert donations are coming in & we need more, along with silent auction items and wine. Iron Chef starts at 7:30PM. Tickets are $75 and “heads or tails” necklaces will be around $5 each.

6. Next Academic Year Calendar- The proposed calendar was reviewed and the following change was made: move the Jan 30 planning day to Feb 13. Mar 18-19 are proposed as non-instructional days due to parent teacher conferences, and the board will investigate the cost of running field trips those days instead of having school canceled. Robyn would like to know if attendance around holidays impacted payment from PPS. Final calendar tabled until we have firm numbers to evaluate.

7. Financial Processes Update- we are transitioning from having solely consultant bookkeeping services to partially in-house and partially consultant. Jarod and Shouka will complete this period’s financial reporting to PPS and are receiving assistance with Quickbooks from Robyn and Dory. Potential bookkeepers will be evaluated as we go forward.

The PPS budget has been approved by the board and submitted.

8. Academic Vision Committee

a. Normandale- Robyn and Dory are self-funding a trip to investigate a highly successful French immersion public school. They leave for MN this week and have a list of questions. Teachers have been asked to submit their questions.

b. Schedule. Adoptions for next year to be incorporated into schedule:

i. Third grade-to-K reading buddies (in French) ii. Websites- parent resources, communication iii. Cahier de Vie (sent home)
iv. Weekly or monthly all-school assemblies (incorporating instructional time)

v. Other possibilities -lunch/etiquette lessons?

9. Executive Session. Employment matters were discussed.